Oh Lord, I am anxious this morning - not confused, but anxious for the state of our world and our country!  Those with control and power are wrongly changing our laws and making headway toward changing our Constitution.  Our Constitution was founded on the Rock, our Lord and Savior.  If our Constitution and the laws of our land continue to be changed, we are surely moving away from You and what You originally led us as a country to be and do.

I cannot help but believe if the body of Christ in our entire world would unite in our main purpose that we could be a force in our world that would make a huge difference for Your good!  

Speak to the hearts of men all over the world.  Speak truth to hearts that are trusting You and listening to all Your Spirit is saying.  Cause us to unite in our strengths and begin to understand the whole. We know the power of prayer, but shouldn't we ask ourselves if we are hiding behind this as the total answer instead of balancing faith and works?

Forgive us for our petty differences. Widen our vision to encompass the reason You came to earth as a man to lead and guide us into all truth.  Bring men to understand the extreme importance of Your Word become flesh. Your inspired Words still continue to stand as wisdom that has withstood the test of centuries. Your words will guide us now if hearts willingly desire to encompass ALL truth.

It seems we are only adding band-aids to society's ills as a way of avoiding the strength of unity and working together. Help us improve by adding the strength and wisdom that comes from joining hands. Help us all to seek Your face, Your way for our country during these perilous days.  Give courage where needed, and veracity with truth so we can fulfill Your destiny for America.  Take away our protective boundaries as Christians and make us one in You.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.
Mary Jane Fischer is an interdenominational speaker and retired United Methodist pastor. She is author of "Praying Through First John" WinePress and "Praying With Peter" Gazelle Press. Her email: mfischer18@cox.net 

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