Questions About Prayer

81% of Americans say that prayer is an important part of their lives.* But, can we know that God hears our prayers? Do we know how to pray effectively?

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 + Why should we pray? How can we know our prayers are heard?

+ Does God hear from sinners?

+ Is it possible to be a Christian and not have regular times of prayer? How often should we pray?

+ When I try to pray there seems to be so much clutter in my mind.
+ How do I get rid of the distractions?
+ Is prayer learned or does it come naturally? Are some gifted with the ability to pray?
+ I don't feel a connection with God.  Will prayer help me?

+ When I'm with others who need prayer, I feel timid. How do I overcome my timidity?

+ Praying in public makes me uneasy. How do I overcome this fear?

+ I've heard people talk about intercessory prayer. What do they mean by that?

+ How do I pray the scriptures?

+ What is praying in the Spirit? Can we all pray in the Spirit?

+ In a nutshell, how can I have a more effective prayer life?

Mary Jane is the ninth of twelve children, born to parents of Irish/German descent who settled in Southern Indiana.  She has been involved in public speaking for some time, served two churches five years in Southern Illinois, served on the Tri-State Women's Retreat Staff seven years and now living in Phoenix, AZ where her daughter and family resides.  As Guest Columnist she currently writes articles on prayer and evangelism for several newspapers in Southern Illinois. She has three grown children, fifteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.  She has published two prayer devotionals, Praying Through First John and Praying With Peter.  Her third book, "God Calling Us" is to be published in the Spring 2013.  Contact her at 618-263-8446.
*Pew Research Center 2003

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